Affluent Consumer Cruise & Leisure Travel Lifestyle Audience

We generate, collect and connect data (the dots, the signals, the noise…) in a proprietary manner that is designed specifically for the Cruise and Leisure Travel Industry – and more importantly, to support a powerfully differentiated approach to engagement, communication and customer relationship.

  • Highly Qualified, Engaged, Curated Audience
  • Reachable Via: Search/Display Advertising, Email, Direct Mail & Content Marketing
  • We help companies reach, engage and convert from within our proprietary audience
  • Results based, No Risk Options
  • Subscription Options
  • Flexible: You control monthly budgets/goals

The GVG Database specializes in the U.S. Affluent Leisure Traveler & Lifestyle Market, with a particular focus on Premium and Luxury Specialty Cruise Experiences – Ocean, River, Coastal and Expedition. We are one of the largest providers of customer analysis and new customer prospecting and acquisition for the category.

Our ability to define, target and reach the highest potential category specific audiences has never been stronger. We are experts at understanding the overlapping generational, financial and lifestyle/interest components that define the market opportunities.

We have a simple effective proven process that starts with identifying a qualified net new audience (within our database) which we then pull through a disciplined communications and conversion funnel: Relevance – Awareness – Consideration – Purchase – Referral and Re-purchase

The GVG Database attracts companies that are seeking breakout strategies, hyper-differentiation from competitors, defensible/leadership position in their category, powerful customer engagement, revenue growth and performance improvement.