We utilize six “protocols” to help CEOs and Boards assure survival, achieve stability, and go beyond “getting back to normal”. Our protocols help leaders focus on the most critical parts of disruption and recovery while keeping an eye on unique opportunities to strengthen their company’s competitive position.


Know your waypoint

What we provide:

Global Voyages Group develops an unbiased and thorough assessment of exactly where your company stands at this critical moment. We get the internal and external information that leaders need to fully scope the situation. This helps avoid wishful thinking which will cloud assessments of “reality” and limits an organization’s ability to respond powerfully to the circumstances.


Stay afloat

What we provide:

We consider the range of resources needed to outlast disruption and fuel a successful recovery. This includes a “CEO Digest” of the critical elements needed to stay afloat and identify hidden challenges that threaten the future.


Find your first… FIRST

What we provide:

Our experienced team identifies the single most important issue that threatens recovery. We identify, give shape to, and plan around that issue. This could be capital, marketing strategy, organization and talent or aggressive competitors.


Get flexible

What we provide:

We review your company’s current playbook and identify where flexibility is required. We help executive teams to quickly pivot strategy and implement actions to drive stability and success.


Become collision-proof

What we provide:

We provide a “disruption” roadmap to help leadership teams anticipate the challenges and prepare for the unexpected. This roadmap arms CEOs and Boards with the priorities and actions necessary to mitigate risk and protect the organization.


Protect your value

What we provide:

No one will ever value a company’s brand and relationships higher than the company itself. This is a time to re-evaluate how your company is presented to the marketplace in comparison to a myriad of competitors. And a time to talk to your customers and stakeholders in a deeply meaningful way.